17 Cancer Causing Foods You Have To Stop Eating

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1 . French fries

These are pretty similar to potato chips. I mean, they are both potatoes fried in trans fat, and then doused in loads of salt and flavorings. French fries are also fried in very high heat, and foods heated to such temperatures have been known to produce a known carcinogen found in cigarette smoke called acrylamide.

Alternatives – Make oven-baked fries at home, so you know exactly what goes into them. You can use olive oil instead of vegetable oil and flavor them with healthy spices.


The amount of information being thrown at you on the daily can be confusing and frustrating. It turns out that even if you are trying to make a conscious choice to eat healthy, you might be being duped.

Take it slow, one step at a time. One small shift at a time can make a big impact. Cut down on foods with HFCS, then processed meats and canned food, then refined products, and so on. Remember that fresh, organically grown produce is always the best option for you. Making these change can be difference between a high and low risk of cancer to you and your family, so you can all live long and healthy lives!

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